Girls I’ve Run Away With


“Rhiannon Argo captures the tough reality of queer teens with such playful sweetness you almost forget to worry about them as they take off on a string of outlandish, take-no-prisoners attempts to save themselves from a world of cruddy grown-ups hell-bent on killing beauty and love. I couldn’t put this book down!”

—Michelle Tea, author of Mermaid in Chelsea Creek

“Argo’s writing is like a stick-n-poke tattoo for the soul. Girls I’ve Run Away With reads like the director’s cut of an Aerosmith video, but with girls who would just drink a pint of whiskey and pierce their belly buttons themselves.”

—Cassie J. Sneider, author of Fine Fine Music

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The Creamsickle


“Bois, boards, baby butches and bed hopping: The residents of The Creamsickle – a ramshackle San Francisco Mission District Victorian crash pad where art and anarchy reign – are a sexually rambunctious lot. Central to the story is Georgie, a hapless romantic tomboi-turned-stripper with a tough exterior and a yen for self-destructive punk rock girls, and her skater pals Cruzer, a tough Mexican-American girl with a soft heart and a talent for photography, and Soda, who starts the cheerfully unruly story about the queerest of queer families as “her” and ends it as “him.” Argo brings the energy of live performance to this affectingly offbeat depiction of queer young lives.” – Richard Labonte
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boihoodThe Creamsickle made a literary splash in Europe when it was translated into German by Zaglossus Press and renamed Boi*hood.