Rhiannon Argo




You have probably landed on this website because you know of my literary work. In my 20’s I wrote a few novels called, The Creamsickle, and, Girls I’ve Run Away With, and toured often around the US and Europe with the Sister Spit Literary Tour.


Well here is an update! I no longer write queer novels. These novels were considered, “fun and trashy,” by some and they also reflected the gritty realness of queer trauma, misogyny and sexism (yes this even exists in queer communities), queer youth homelessness, sex work, drug use, alcoholism, queer displacement, and more.


Many of the issues I explored in these novels were taken from themes in my own life in my 20’s. I know some readers got their feathers rustled over the queer misogyny or depressing issues explored in my novels, and to that I respond: that was all real life. I only ever wrote about themes I saw right in front of my face. Sorry to not to pretend life was some campy bubble-gum pop adventure novel!


In fact in all my novels and published stories I actually left out my darkest life-experiences.Yes, my own personal life history was waaaay more destructive, traumatic and messed-up than I ever wrote about. My journey through early childhood trauma, sexual violence, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and more, eventually left me shattered, self-destructive, and living with PTSD, depression, anxiety, bouts of suicidal thoughts, isolation, and navigating severe health problems in my early thirties.


There are many times I probably would have not made it through.


But then something AMAZING happened.


My intuition jumped in and saved my life. It woke me up and shifted my path. I started to heal myself. I healed and transformed my darkness and trauma using profoundly powerful tools and healing methods.


And then I found my TRUE life’s work.


My true life’s work is to help other’s find the same happiness and healing that I have found. So now I have my very successful healing practice with an office in Berkeley, CA. I work with clients in person, and over distance through Skype or phone. I have clients from all over the world.


I am happier and healthier than I have ever been in my life and my life is FULL OF LOVE. I am happily married, and have a beautiful baby boy. The healing techniques I found, and have now learned myself and offer in service to others, changed my ENTIRE life! I never knew this amount of love and happiness was possible. That is why I am leaving this note here in case my story of healing and transformation inspires with you! Or in case you feel a little voice inside telling you that you might benefit from the healing work I offer.


If you feel a calling to my current work than I would love to hear from you. You can find me at my business website here:




So much love to you on your path,